CFBS Advocacy Campaign (Part 3) Communication Strategy

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  CFBS ( CHILD FRIENDLY SCHOOL) Communication Plan To achieve the communication strategy as outlined above, a communication plan is developed to coordinate and integrate the communication tools that would be developed as part of the overall campaign that would maximize the impact on and participation of target audience and stakeholders involved in the implementation. Different activities within the communication plan will be developed and phased using the core concepts of friendliness, which includes involving, sharing, interacting and collaboration, within a cohesive and seamless, programs or phases, which could be self sustained and continual. as shown in figure below each phase will encompass a particular and play a distinctive purpose and role in achieving the overall communication strategy. PHASE 1: Involving & Identifying Objective To enable the local stakeholder within the education system to take the lead and be empowered to get involved and participate in a mutually and individually beneficial manner by identifying activities, instances and issues within the context of implementing a friendly environment in school. Target group. This particular phase will be locally confined within the school and island community level, hence enabling greater involvement and empowerment within the core group at the initial level, which is […] Read More


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