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Handicap International began its activities in the Maldives following the Tsunami of December 26, 2004. In 2007 the organisation launched a project to support those promoting the social participation and autonomy of people with disabilities in various fields: social and sports activities, work, education, language, access to information and awareness raising on the issue of disability. The following testimonies give an insight into life in the Maldives for people with disabilities. HANDICAP INTERNATIONAL     Written by Ifham Niyaz for Handicap International Concept, Design, Photography & Layout by mooinc Download PDF versions Read More

HDC Pruksa Sales Office Interior

YES Out Of School

Nature’s Best for Your Child – Flash cards

Nature’s Best for Your Child – Board game / Playing cards

HDC Marketing Package

Nature’s Best for Your Child – Brand Identity


Cyprea Seasons Greeting Cards 2008

Coral Reefs of South Asian Region


FUNK Clothes Shop Interior

Cyprea Leisure Investments Identity

Cyprea Calender 2005

Osram Sonee Hardware

YES Different Sector Card

YES Career Dictionary Cover

Kani Lanka Photography

Nature’s Best for Your Child Launch Spot

Airtravel Maldives Overall Marketing Strategy Development

Nature’s Best for Your Child – Regulation Leaflet