MscUD -Hyperdensity and the Shanghai urban design project (Bartlett – UCL)

The programme was to develop urban design proposals for a site of approximately 40 hectares, at a density of 2500 inhabitants per hectare, i.e. a mixed use programme for a population of 100 000. While such a density is frequently used in Hong Kong, it is higher than the average for new developments in Shanghai, where the planning authorities are attempting to relieve pressure on the central area by planning a series of peripheral urban nodes; however, the development pressure is increasing, densities are rising rapidly and, as an anticipation of the not too distant future, this programme seeks to investigate the implications of building at compact Hong Kong densities.


A choice of sites was given: either a site within the area that has recently been selected by the city of Shanghai for the 20010 World Expo, or a site within the Luwan district, which is currently being redeveloped on the basis of a master plan designed by Skidmore Owens and Merrill.


The students were asked to propose an overall plan for the area as a whole, in terms of infrastructure and land use distribution, followed by more detailed physical design proposals. They are also expected to define the general urban design guidelines that would be necessary for the implementation of their proposals.

Colin Fournier – 010603 UD Shanghai summary



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