Sultans Office Package

Our aim was to translate in visual form the Sultans of the Seas brand Image.
“Sultans of the Seas” the name denotes in the Dhivehi historical mythology “ Kandu ge Rasgefaanu”. Maldives islands in historical terms
were an important port of call in the early Indian Ocean Trade due to its strategic location and its natural landscape of 99% water
and 1% land. The foundation of Maldivian culture, language, and industry was laid during this period, and Maldivians became quite
knowledgeable about different aspects of Maritime travel. In other words the Arab & Chinese traders would have seen Maldivians as
the “Sultans of the Seas”.
We wanted to translate this historical maritime expertise to the company’s’ brand image to enhance its value within the context of
Maldives culture. To create a visual mythology for the company’s Brand within the context of Maldives as a seafaring nation.
We have researched symbols used within this industrious period and translated them within the context of the Company and its
contemporary commericial setting.