Nature’s Best for Your Child – Brand Identity


“To guide the creative campaign angle development of the contractor, this proposal is stating a possible campaign thrust listed here below as
“Creative Angle Option”. The contractor should use this as a basis on which to develop the Concept Note” Creative Angle Option: “Mother Maldives”
•    appreciation for the mother, her role, her strengths, her natural resources
•    the beauty in the body of a woman as functional to giving and sustaining new life (5)    – nature and God have given her all she needs to support the baby (1) (creating “awe” at the biological “purpose” behind things like colostrums (natural immunization), bonding, and the requirement for only breast-milk (3). Positing breastfeeding as a wider “plan” with purpose and beauty. This is given credibility by authoritative trusted figures (doctors and WHO representative). Thus, what is biological is sufficient and good, and what is artificial (BMS) is unnecessary.
•    Just like mothers, the Maldives (“Mother Maldives”) has also been naturally endowed with her own natural resources sufficient to feed and nurture her children (2) if we only “look”. I.e. promotion of locally available fruits and vegetables that if supported, are sufficient for our nutritional needs (4). What grows naturally around is promoted over the artificial that comes from outside (processed foods in tins).
•    Supporting moms means supporting children. Families are encouraged to play a part in this process and support the mothers. Fathers/grandparents/doctors/nurses/etc are recognized through some sort of campaign reward system for their efforts.