Disaster Awareness


Public Awareness Campaign For Disaster  Risk Reduction, Response Action & Early Warning  In Maldives


The objective was to design a campaign to enable the population of Maldives to be informed, knowledgeable, and aware of the hazards they face and vulnerabilities that exists within their own community, to enable them to utilize resources, which are accessible to them, to prepare, respond and recover from natural disasters, personally and as a community. Initially research was conducted in an attempt to explore people’s current attitudes and perception towards disaster risk, within a regional context, as well to identify the communication gaps that exist between scientific fact & behavioral best practice. In conjunction with Secondary research which helped us identify avenues to rejuvenate locally embedded knowledge systems and capacities, to mitigate, respond & recover from natural disasters in the Maldives, marketing plan was designed to alleviate these communication gaps as well as enable the public to actively participate in every aspect of disaster management

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