Cyprea Calender 2005

The front page of the calendar will be a graphic depiction of a hard working person at his office table, which is in total disarray. The visual for each month will be taken from one section of the table, which will incorporate within its composition, the character of the month, with a service Cyprea offers. Astrological signs, internationally recognized dates, e.g. Aids day, and public holidays will be utilized to build a character for each month, which can then be depicted as an everyday office object, in graphic form. Every object within the

composition will have an integral meaning either to Cyprea’s services or to that particular month. Special dates will be highlighted which has a special affiliation to what Cyprea brand image is trying to convey. For example we will highlight world aids day, and international day of peace, which can then transpire to the whole image of Cyprea, as a warmhearted and
caring company. This will also enable the calendar to be unique and differentiated from other corporate calendars. Fullmoon and first day Hijri dates will also be highlighted to give the foreign clients a sense of our culture and customs. Specifically for the month of Ramadan, the sunset times will be detailed.



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